Executive Retainer Search
(Hacker Retainer Search™) Services Overview

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7 years of experience

When you work with Descartes Search, LLC for your openings, you will collaborate directly with their representative directors to get your search on the right path.
The firm's seven years history has given us a unique perspective, and an acute understanding of the placement of highly specialized bilingual engineers.
Our fields of expertise are Computer Science, Web engineering and Virtual currency.

Type of positions

Engineering to management, although we are focusing on engineers' search (Hacker Retainer Search™).
We assist all types of organizations, especially ventures, startups, new departments at established companies, in the recruitment of executives for key positions.
We fill positions which are seldom advertised.

Search services

We give you access to our network, talent pool, skills and experience for a set period of time.
We allocate a large amount of time to understand your situation, and the issues that are important to you.
Our recruiting attention is captured, resource and commitment are secured.
The client obtains our full commitment, focus and resources and can expect regularly a feedback and consultation through the search process.
Workload: no more than 3-5 assignments at any given time.
40-60 hours per month per client assignment in recruiting, valuation, screening and client interaction.
We will meet with your key managers in order to understand the culture and the personality requirements for success within your organization.
The objective is to separate the exceptional from the average performers and assess them against the requirements of the position.
The candidates surfaced will be presented exclusively to the client, so the search is owned by and exclusive to the client.
Interviews and candidate presentations will be completed by the sixth week in the usual case.
A minimum of two qualified candidates are presented within that short period of time.
For narrowly-focused searches, shorter times are possible. (*)
Reference, education, civil/credit/background checks will be completed on the selected candidate(s) before an offer is made.
Assistance in preparing and negotiating the employment offer.

Coding test

As an option (*), Descartes Search, LLC conducts technical evaluations of candidates with tests and provides a summary of the results to clients, upon request. Tests can be customized to fit the needs of any client’s specific hiring requirements.

Discretion & confidentiality

Descartes Search, LLC conducts searches with extreme confidentiality and discretion. We communicate with candidates without revealing sensitive and confidential client information.


The usual practice for retainer executive search firms is to charge a fee equal to A% (*) of the actual first year’s cash compensation, including estimated bonus, for the successful candidate. However, we prefer to use a fixed flat fee, agreed upon in advance of the search.
Because the fee is not increased if a higher salary is offered, the company can be more generous in their salary offerings to the candidate. Also with a flat fee agreement, if the actual compensation is higher than anticipated, there is no escalation of the fees.
Our total retainer search fees are the equivalent to B% (B<A) (*) of the expected average annual salary of an engineer that would fulfill the position, with one third due at agreement, one third due at presentation of qualified candidates, and one third due upon fill, in most cases.


Four guarantees.
Client will not be responsible for paying the second third if Descartes Search, LLC fails to present at least two qualified candidates (1st guarantee) via a short list, within 6 weeks (2nd guarantee) from the date the search begins.
If no candidate from the short list is placed at Client, Descartes Search, LLC will keep on searching for relevant candidates as long as the search contract has not expired (3rd guarantee).
If the employment is terminated for cause unrelated to Client within one month of hire date, we will recruit a full replacement for no additional fee (4th guarantee).


Out-of-pocket costs, such as transportation for the firm's partners and candidates, special research materials and services, interview expenses will not be invoiced to Client.

(*) Some adjustements are possible.