This is a comparison chart between our retainer search
(Hacker Retainer Search™) and the general contingent search.

Consulting fees Guarantee of finding candidates Search continuation Evaluation test Exclusivity on candidates Free replacement
Contingent search A% of the first annual salary No No No No No
Hacker Retainer Search™ Fixed(*)(B%(**) of the average annual salary)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

(*) Our standard offering has a fixed consulting fee but we have other offerings with differing pricings.
(**) B%<A%

If we consider the recruitment process as a whole, from the search start to the eventual placement, compared to the contingent search, the Hacker Retainer Search™costs less for the client on the one hand and enables the client to increase drastically the probability to fill its position on the other hand.

For more information, please feel to download (pdf) our services description brochure.
(The English version is currently not available. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.)